03:56 - [FL] More on the Fonterra milk price forecast increase
Fonterra is increasing its 2016/17 forecast Farmgate Milk Price by 50 cents to $4.75 per kgMS.  But, you know that already 'cause I posted it many hours ago nz (this website is very good on all things NZ)
03:33 - [MW] The Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump muddies his message on immigration
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump proposed contradictory immigration policies, saying in a broadcast interview that it would be “a very, very hard thing” to deport illegal immigrants who have been in the country for decades.
03:32 - [FL] ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: Cable up, then straight back down
Forex news for Asia trading Thursday 25 August 2016 Another session of light news & data flow, and limited ranges in the currencies. NZD and AUD traded higher, NZD helped by some Fonterra news early (see bullets above) but ranges for both were not l
03:24 - [FL] More on the PBOC, have "urged banks to spread out the tenors of their loan"
This relates to the headlines from earlier, here: PBOC met with banks on Wednesday to discuss liquidity management Reuters have popped up a brief piece on the web now:
03:21 - [MW] The Wall Street Journal: Hyundai reaches tentative deal with striking auto workers
Hyundai Motor Co. reached a tentative wage deal with its unions, which puts an end to damaging strikes and paves the way for a similar deal at its Kia Motors Corp. affiliate.
03:12 - [MW] The Wall Street Journal: U.N. says both Syrian government, Islamic State using chemical weapons
An independent report released to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday concluded that both Syria’s government and the Islamic State terrorist group have used chemical weapons against civilians.
03:02 - [FL] ANZ on Yellen's speech at Jackson Hole
ANZ looking at what is expected from Yellen's speech through the lens on how it will impact on Australia and the AUD
03:02 - [FL] Had enough China, oil, TA, FX, whatever? Here's Harley's new engine ... 8 valve twin!
Harley Davidson's awesome new engine ... and yeah, I probably should have put in a 'spoiler alert' for that headline. The 'Milwaukee-Eight' - A totally new design  
03:00 - [ZH] Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic - Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future
Submitted by Brandon Smith via, I have been writing rather extensively about the ideology of globalism in recent months, primarily because the battle lines between sovereignty and global centralization have never been more defined than the
02:59 - [MW] The Wall Street Journal: China’s central bank moves to deflate bond speculation
China’s central bank has made a subtle change to the way it supplies the financial system with cash, a move that market watchers see as an attempt to cool investments in assets such as bonds, which have ballooned on an influx of cheap, short-term money.
02:44 - [FL] Asia arvo reads: Sell oil at $50, China economy OK, China debt like pre-GFC US
Here are a few China and oil articles items from Bloomberg; note the one on shadow financing "eerily similar" to US developments before the global financial crisis
02:43 - [MW] Asia Markets: Asian stocks slump as investors remain cautious
Shares in Asia were mostly lower Thursday, with markets cautious ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole symposium — which starts later in the trading day — sidelining investors.
02:28 - [MW] The Wall Street Journal: Dow’s rising stock imperils Warren Buffett’s $8-per-second cash cow
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. continues to reap rich dividends from a canny loan extended to Dow Chemical Co. seven years ago. But a recent rally in Dow’s stock is putting that income stream at risk.
02:28 - [ZH] China's "Answer To LendingClub" Plunges Most On Record After Regulator Imposes Peer-To-Peer Caps
Over the years, China has valiantly struggled to convince the international public it will end its debt addiction any minute now, with the Politburo vowing year after year that it would if not delever in the immediate future, then surely limit the issuanc
02:13 - [FL] China press: Australian finds huge gold nugget
An prospector in Australia has found a 145-ounce gold nugget. Its estimated to be worth 190,000 US dollars. Cool. It's the first I've heard about this, its probably been on the telly but I don't watch much.
02:06 - [FL] PBOC met with banks on Wednesday to discuss liquidity management
Reuters with some news from the People's Bank of China: Reuters citing unnamed sources --()
02:02 - [FL] The PBOC and the reintroduction of 14-day repos - what's up with that?
For the past 2 days the People's Bank of China have been injecting yuan into the money market using 14-day reverse repos (along with the more regular 7-dayers)
02:00 - [ZH] Most Millennials Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings, Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck
The majority of millennials are living paycheck to paycheck. A recent survey of millennials by found that 51.8% of those aged 18-34 have less than $1,000 held between bank accounts and cash savings. As Visual Capitalist's Jeff
01:30 - [ZH] University of Chicago Tells Millennials to Suck It Up, "We Do Not Condone 'Safe Spaces'"
In a refreshing and stark contrast to other universities that have seemingly tripped over themselves to accommodate every silly request from America's pampered Millennials in their never ending quest for "safe spaces," the University of Chic
01:23 - [FL] ANZ on AUD/GBP - looks set to weaken on a tactical basis
From ANZ's 'Australian Strategy Weekly' published today
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