13:00 - [MW] NewsWatch: The most unaffordable place to live in America is…
The most unaffordable place to live in the U.S. is not San Francisco or Manhattan.
12:37 - [ZH] Clinton Campaign Mocks Trump Porn Cameo After His Sex Tape Tweet
In the latest bizarre twist in what has become the most surreal US presidential campaign, Donald Trump had an early start on Friday, when around 3am, the republican nominee tweeted about porn footage that reportedly exists of former Miss Universe Alicia M
12:00 - [MW] Market Snapshot: Volatile mix of data, politics, and bank woes to converge in stock market
It promises to be a wild week for investors with a lot of moving parts as economic data, politics, and Deutsche Bank worries all converge in a volatile mix in the stock market.
09:56 - [FL] Yuan finally joins the IMF's SDR basket today
The Chinese yuan is today added to the IMF's Special Drawing Right basket On the same day that the Communist Party celebrates the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 their currency joins the International Monetary Fund's basket of reserve
04:27 - [DFX] Fundamental and Technical 4Q Outlook: Will Markets Transition from Quiet to Active?
We have closed out one of the most subdued quarters of trading in recent memory. However, the congestion isn't likely to last for much longer as fundamental pressure taxes the closing technical boundaries across the market. What catalysts can force
04:21 - [DFX] US Dollar Faces Election, Fed Waffling, Risk in 4Q
The previous quarter marked one of the most extreme periods of inactivity for the global markets in decades. Despite the narrow ranges for exchange rates and asset prices, however, the fundamental tension continued to build beneath the surface.
03:10 - [DFX] British Pound Weakness to Abate on Less-Dovish BoE
The long-term outlook for the British Pound remains tilted to the downside as the U.K. remains on course to depart from the European Union (EU), but the bearish sentiment surrounding the sterling may abate over the remainder of the year as the Bank of En
02:55 - [ZH] Meet The Young Virginia Democrat That Registered 19 Dead People To Vote In Virginia
Just yesterday we wrote about an FBI investigation into potential voter fraud in the critical swing state of Virginia after it was revealed that 19 dead people had recently been re-registered to vote (see "FBI Investigating More Dead People Voting In The
02:30 - [ZH] After the Debate, the Deluge? (Now With A Trigger Warning)
Submitted by David Galland via, Trigger Warning: The following article includes an abundance of insults and harsh words directed at individuals of both of the male and female sex as well as politically incorrect statements including dig
02:13 - [ZH] In Hacked Fundraiser Recording, Hillary Mocks Bernie Supporters "Living In Their Parents’ Basement"
The reason why the Trump campaign has been so eager to find transcripts and recordings of the private speeches Hillary Clinton has delivered during her extensive, lucrative speaking career, is because it is there that she reveals that rare glimpse into wh
01:30 - [ZH] The Complete A To Z Of Nations Destroyed By Hillary Clinton's "Hubris"
Submitted by Wayne Madsen via In an email sent to his business partner and Democratic fundraiser Jeffrey Leeds, former Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote of Hillary Clinton, “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.
01:21 - [DFX] Gold at Risk on Fed Outlook But Bank Crisis May Interfere
At first blush, the landscape looks treacherous for gold prices in the fourth quarter. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen all but promised an interest rate hike at the press conference following September’s FOMC meeting.
01:10 - [DFX] Oil Market Looks to Benefit From First OPEC Output Cut in 8 Years
The Oil Market failed to follow through to the upside last forward and carry forward what was an impressive rebound in Q2 that saw the price rise from the February 11 low of $26.03/bbl to a high of $50.91/bbl in June.
01:00 - [ZH] China Housing Bubble Re-Inflates - "Even We Didn't Expect The Prices To Go Up This Much"
They say that history tends to repeat itself and for the China housing market, and its constantly repeating cycle of bubbles, that certainly seems to be the case.  It seems like just yesterday that we pointed out the following video of ghost towns sp
00:58 - [MW] Therese Poletti's Tech Tales: A dormant tech sector is suddenly surging like it’s 1999
Everybody loved optical-networking stocks in the late 1990s, but investors paid for it when they went bust. Now, a big internet build-out in China and cloud data centers has sent the stocks soaring again, but for how long?
00:52 - [DFX] Japanese Yen Poised to Gain Further For Three Key Reasons
The Japanese Yen heads into the end of 2016 trading near multi-year highs versus the US Dollar, and economic developments suggest the JPY may finally break the ¥100 level before the year is through.
00:49 - [FL] China Manufacturing PMI (September): 50.4 (expected 50.5, prior 50.4)
And for the Non-manufacturing PMI, in at 53.7 for September, against the prior of 53.5 A slight miss for the manufacturing PMI, coming in the same as the previous month. In expansion:
00:36 - [DFX] Picking Up Pennies in Front of the Steamroller
The Federal Reserve wants to raise interest rates. At this point, that much should be clear. But this doesn’t come without costs, or risks, and the premise of removing years’ worth of accommodation and easing has produced a real quagmire of a
00:30 - [ZH] "The Fed Is Leading Us To Economic Hell" Mauldin Warns "Only A Public Outcry Can Stop It"
Submitted by John Mauldin via, The Fed argues that low rates have worked. The economy emerged from recession. Unemployment drifted back down. “Yay for us,” said the Fed. Don't buy that statistical economic garbage. T
00:14 - [DFX] EUR/USD Coil Grows Tighter as Central Banks, Politicians Face Credibility Deficit
2016 started with a ‘whimper' for EUR/USD, but as we head into Q4’16, it may very-well end with a ‘bang.’
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